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Dancer with facial paint and filed teethBook - And We Ate the Leopard

And We Ate the Leopard describes the life and customs of inland tribes in quotes from letters written by the Bakers and in anecdotes from the author’s personal experience. The people advance from hunting and fishing to become educated teachers, nurses and pastors. Leprosy and yaws are almost eradicated. Small pox is controlled by vaccinations. Surgery saves life after life.

During the twenty-eight years Dr. Donald and Lelia Baker served in the Belgian Congo, they helped organize schools and medical clinics at the same time they grew their food, raised their four children and survived bouts of malaria. They lived without electricity and traveled through the jungle by canoe and bicycle. Mail from the States arrived after a three-month journey delivered regularly by Otraco, the State steamboat line.

And We Ate the Leopard is available from the publisher at iuniverse.com, amazon.com or bookstores can order it.


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