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Small map of the Belgian CongoEstablishment of Mondombe

To establish the new station of Mondombe, the missionaries needed the approval of the local village elders. At first they refused. Then they changed their minds, they explained, because one of their young men spoke harshly to them without their permission.

“Those white men would do us a lot of good if they came to live near us. They would not only teach our children wisdom but they would heal our children when they are sick. Our young men could work for them, and there would be some money in the village with which to pay our taxes and to buy cloth. Moreover, they are men of God and they would teach us the way of life. You have driven them off. God will now leave us stranded because of the ignorance of our elders.

Small map of Mondombe


Now we don’t like men talking to us like that. We may be unwise, but we do not like anyone to show us up before God. Now you come and teach us.” (pp. 23-24, H. Smith)